Remodeling Services

Design Services

Our philosophy is to design to the budget that we both establish so the design does not dictate the budget. The reason for this is to simply be realistic. We both have to be accountable for the choices made so in the end the design and the selections made work together with the budget so you can actually do your project.


Prior to any work starting a contract is prepared for approval. Everything is written out in sequence of the work to be done. The cost of the job, payment schedule, length of the job is all written into the contract.

Schedules and Continuity

Kitchen and bath remodels are typically scheduled from start to finish before any work is started at the job site. Detailed planning assures that every trade involved in the project know their dates along with the scope of the work to be done. They show up as expected and your job stays on schedule because we continuously use the same trades on our jobs. We can count on them because they have proven over many years to be a professional and responsible part of our remodeling team.

Customer Service and Communication

Our most precious commodity. Our entire staff and trade personnel work together to give you the best job possible. We all know each other because we have worked together for many years. We look out for each other and will prepare the next person with anything important they should know before they start work. Everyone is given permission to talk to you about what they are doing to make sure you understand and are comfortable with all aspects of your remodeling project.